Tuesday, July 12, 2016

S.W. Basin near Yes Bay Lodge

This is our last stop as part of the Misty Fjord National Monument tour. We could easily spend a week instead of 3-4 days, but we have other places we want to see too. So many coves, so little time!

Today we covered 64 miles, ran the watermaker (a mini de-salinization plant Captain Bob Smith installed in March) to re-fill the water tanks, and performed monthly cleaning of the shower sump. It was cloudy and misty (be-fitting the name) early in the day, sunny later in the day. 

We only saw two small sailboats all day until nearing the anchorage, close to the Yes Bay Fishing Lodge and only a one-day cruise from Ketchikan. We won't return to Ketchikan now unless we develop a boat problem we can't handle on our own.

After 7 hours of travel we dropped the anchor in Southwest Basin at 3:00, not another boat in sight.

Relaxing in the cockpit, an eagle watched over us from a nearby tree. A seal circled around Phoenix several times. Five loons warbled nearby. All we need is a bear or two to complete this picture. We dropped a crab pot off the side of the boat, tied to the mid-ship cleat. Maybe we'll have crab for dinner tomorrow night?

Following a common pattern, the morning was misty, then cloudy, and the afternoon turned to sunshine, weather suitable for sitting outside in bare feet and short sleeves. We remain happy and well.

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