Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Shearwater Bay

Leaving Bottleneck Inlet, we had a perfect sunny, calm trip back to Shearwater, the last marina for 100 miles before rounding Cape Caution and returning to the north tip of Vancouver Island. Including an easy time past Milbanke Sound which threw 12-foot waves at us a month ago. This time we got only two-foot swells.

Shearwater Marina was full, so we tied up there for one hour to buy groceries, skipped laundry, and planned to move on to an anchorage.

Instead we ran into Tom and Chris from "Takahe", folks we met last summer and buddy-boated with, saw at home during the winter, and saw for dinner a month ago on their boat!

Their 36' Grand Banks was already anchored in the harbor, so we rafted up with them for the night and had them aboard for dinner. Great to see them again!

This is a set of tough, interesting boaters! From 2000-2009 they lived full-time on their sailboat, crossed the Pacific Ocean starting from Seattle, and cruised the South Pacific including their native New Zealand, Australia and zillions of other island countries before selling the boat and returning home.

We're happy and well.

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