Saturday, August 27, 2016

Prideaux Haven

Bob and I anchored in Prideaux Haven two summers ago and liked it so much we stayed 3 nights, so wanted to bring sister Susan and her husband Bob here. It's a huge anchorage made up of many little islands and coves, but so popular it still gets a bit crowded. The weather turned sunny and hot (80s) which called for a little swimming in the 70+ degree water.

Cannonball off the boat!

We took the dinghy 3 miles across Homfray Channel to East Redonda Island   at low tide to harvest oysters,

and got a 5-gallon bucket with 46 oysters. We could have gotten hundreds, but what would we do with that many? 

Grilled them with a touch of olive oil, butter, garlic and salt; yum!

Susan and Bob dropped and pulled the prawn pot several times, so that meant prawns for dinner another night.

We toured the whole anchorage by dinghy one afternoon,

and sat on the flybridge with a glass of wine at night, long after it was too dark to see anything but anchor lights everywhere.

We still like Prideaux Haven in Desolation Sound.

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