Saturday, August 20, 2016

Campbell River

So we pulled the anchor, heavily laden with mud, and left the Octopus Islands, passing a kayak along the way with a dog who appears to enjoy kayaking with his owner.

It was sunny with light wind and strong opposing current coming into Campbell River, dropping our speed to 4.2 mph.

Not many photos for the next 2 1/2 days. Campbell River is a nice town and good stop, even for a future vacation which could include whale watching and fishing charter trips, and a huge selection of waterfront restaurants with nice views.

But we have relatives coming aboard, Cathryn's sister Susan and her husband Bob flying up from Texas, so we're in Campbell River for cleaning and provisioning. No photos of boat washing, laundry, grocery shopping, the chandlery or hardware store. We did stop at a "fresh seafood daily" float and pick up 4 Dungeness crabs.

And the full moon rose,

and we had beautiful sunsets.

We're headed to the east side of the Strait of Georgia to connect with Susan and Bob, then play for the week together in Desolation Sound.

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