Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Claydon Bay

The Broughton Archipelago has a dozen mostly rustic marinas with few amenities beyond a dock to tie to (most advertise wifi, but it rarely works) and hundreds of anchorages along with beautiful scenery. Our first trip here, 2014, was a survey of some of the marinas and shallowest anchorages we could find. Just coming off a 2012-13 Great Loop journey where we never anchored in water deeper than 30' with 5:1 or 7:1 scope on the anchor chain, we were intimidated by the deep anchorages here: 40 - 90' and almost never more than 3:1 scope because of steep-to sides and little swing room. We didn't yet get that the mud bottoms here offer much better holding than the sand bottoms back east; and the topography here (high elevation surrounding good anchorages) offers much better protection from high winds. We've learned and adapted. Sunday morning started off foggy but quickly cleared to blinding sunshine.

We left Pierre's Echo Bay and headed northwest 23 miles to an anchorage at Claydon Bay. We were aiming for Drury Inlet, but timing was off to get through the tidal rapids at the entrance to the Inlet, so we stopped 5 miles short.

A dinghy exploration of the large multi-armed anchorage was in order. Sights include remnants of an old fish camp, and a modern float house built, improbably, on a sunken, rusting barge.

Late afternoon found us basking in the sun in the cockpit with books in hand and Bob's music keeping us company.

Dinner outside, mountains in the background, and a pink and gray sunset made for a lovely evening.

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