Monday, August 15, 2016

Port Harvey

We finally left the anchorage at Viner Sound to move to Port Harvey, a rustic marina in The Broughtons that suffered a fire in its' kitchen/restaurant last winter and a sinking of the barge on which the facility sat. So sad! We met owners George and Gail when we stopped here in 2014, and heard they were scrabbling to re-build. Lots of cruisers overnight there to support their efforts even though facilities are currently limited.

Six boats were tied up, sans amenities other than a dock and WiFi (wow!). George and Gail organize dockside Happy Hour and pizza every night. We met the most interesting group of folks we've enjoyed in a while, including George and Gail's 6-year-old grand-daughter Signe. She and Cathryn latched onto each other and spent half the evening talking.

Red is the favorite color at Port Harvey, and shoes have become an interesting collectible item. 

It was an enjoyable stop. 

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