Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Bottleneck Inlet

The folks who name coves, channels, and anchorages must have fun with it! Yes, this one has a Bottleneck entry. 

The trip from Bishop Bay Hot Springs to Bottleneck Inlet is 62 miles, and today conditions were perfect, again.

Along the way we saw waterfalls and lots of whales. We're not tired of either yet.

We passed Butedale, a former cannery that's now abandoned and falling into the sea. Cruisers used to stop for water or overnight, but now it's so decrepit that most, including us, pass it by.

No, ice cream is no longer available.

But there's a beautiful waterfall adjacent. 

Bob ran the watermaker and saw the Boost Pump pressure too high, and filters a bit green. Owner's Manual contains no trouble-shooting or diagnostics, so he changed the filters, and performance returned to normal in terms of psi and doubled in terms of potable water output. We love our new mini-desalinization plant, installed by Captain Bob Smith in Seattle last March. Among other things, it means we can by-pass marinas more often, as it's needing water, fuel, groceries or laundry that take us there.

So we entered Bottleneck Inlet which sounded tricky (rocky, shallow and very narrow) but wasn't at mid-tide, dropped the anchor along with 4 other boats, and had dinner in the cockpit wearing capris and a tank top (Cathryn) and short sleeves (Bob). Life is good. And we've now become comfortable anchoring in water 60-80 feet, though we definitely need more chain to expand our anchoring options this far north where anchoring in 75-100 feet is not unusual. 

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