Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Pierre's Echo Bay

Summer 2014 we made our first trip to The Broughton Archipelago and enjoyed it. So today we left Port McNeill to spend 8-10 days in that area before moving south to connect with visitors. Weather was gray and calm interspersed with periods of sunshine and Orca whales.

Pierre's at Echo Bay is a remote marina with electricity provided by generator, great docks and scenery, and fish and crab galore to judge by folks at the cleaning stations. This woman caught a 68-pound halibut nearby, plus a smaller one!

Mid-afternoon, boats with dogs aboard participated in a dog race in which one dog owner stands at each end of a race course littered with dog biscuits. The dog who ignores the dog biscuits and runs the 150' course the fastest wins! There were 3 entries today: Olive, a black lab;

Caper, a yellow lab,

and Echo, a Golden Doodle.

It was a hoot to watch the owners try to convince the dogs to run the course quickly without being distracted by the dog biscuits! Olive won; Caper came in second, and Echo took 3rd place. All adorable, friendly dogs. Spectators enjoyed the spectacle.

Echo Bay is a fun spot with cabins for rent, floating home style,

a "weather station" with forecasts determined by a rock suspended on a rope:

and a lighthouse.

Every Saturday during high season, Echo Bay owners Pierre and Tove offer a Pig Roast potluck dinner. They spend the whole day roasting a pig, and each cruiser brings a potluck dish to contribute.

Dinner is buffet and family-style, and we enjoyed the 3 couples who shared a table with us: one from Whidbey Island who spent a decade sailing the South Pacific, then Alaska; another from Vancouver, and a third from Victoria.

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