Friday, August 5, 2016

Chores and Projects

Port McNeill is a good stop for many reasons, including that everything a cruiser needs is within easy walking distance: grocery, hardware and drug stores, chandlery and laundry facilities. So we now have a full refrigerator and pantry, clean clothes, and several needed parts and products.

Before we left on this trip, we removed the TV and stereo in the salon, converted those spaces to an additional freezer and storage cabinet, and made doors to cover both. This helps with food storage generally, especially as we head into The Broughtons for the next two weeks, where grocery shopping is practically non-existent.

After a night at anchor in the bay, we were able to find a space in a marina. Conveniently, our shower sump pump failed then. We bought a new pump, float switch and fuse, installed them, cleaned the box and filter while it was open, and a couple hours later were back in business.

We have 3 sets of guests joining us the last 3 weeks of this trip, our first overnight visitors. We've been using the hanging lockers (closets) in both staterooms our clothes and decided we needed to puzzle out where to put them when we have guests. So today we remodeled the clothes hanging rods in both hanging lockers to make them double rods instead of single: problem solved!

Gotta do these Chore Days once in awhile.

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Unknown said...

A chandlery? Had to go look that one up. You can tell I'm not much of a sailor.