Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Octopus Islands

This is our fourth trip to the lovely Octopus Islands Marine Park. For the first time on this trip, it was too hot to sit in the cockpit Sunday afternoon, so we climbed up to the shade of the flybridge where a cool breeze blows with all windows open. We were mesmerized by warm sunny weather, a great anchorage, and interesting exploring by kayaks, so unexpectedly stayed 3 nights.

For the fourth time (first with Greg and Terry on "Gold Rush", then with buddy boaters Aaron and Julie on "Eight Bells", then by ourselves last summer and now), we kayaked over to the little cabin on a private island referred to as the Cruiser's Cabin or Driftwood Museum, depending who you talk to. Cruisers create art and install it in the open-air cabin using mostly natural materials. Here's a tribute to the Octopus Islands!

We left a "Next To Me" installation last year, but didn't find it this year. And here's this year's "Phoenix" installation, made from driftwood collected on Blake Island near home and using a wood-burning tool borrowed from brother-in-law David. A simple piece compared to many here. 

We found the art from friends on "Gold Rush" and "Eight Bells".

So we relaxed, explored, read books, kayaked, and did a few boat chores. 

And watched the full moon rise.

And eventually decided we had to move on, so did.

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