Friday, September 21, 2012

Pisgah Bay on Kentucky Lake, KY

Days on cruise:  182

Distance traveled: 12.9 miles

Travel time: 2 hrs, 8 mins

Total trip odometer:  3,966

The trip data above actually reflects a tiny side-trip we made yesterday, as well as our return from an anchorage on Kentucky Lake to the marina at Green Turtle Bay today, hence the long travel time for such a short distance.

With Seattle friends Mary and Agnes on board, we anchored for two nights at Pisgah Bay on Kentucky Lake, a beautiful and peaceful place. There were a couple houseboats anchored further down the shoreline, but otherwise it was quiet and remote.

Our 11-foot inflatable dinghy has a 4 horse-power motor, which is mostly, but not always, plenty of space and power for the two of us, but it’s small and a bit under-powered for transporting 4 adults very far. So when we wanted to explore the quarry nearby, which we’d been told was interesting, we took Next To Me there instead of the dinghy.


The quarry existed prior to the dam and flooding that created the Kentucky Lake, so the water there, at maximum depth we saw, was over 100 feet. Folks here at the marina told us it is the “young folks hangout” on weekends, and we would see lots of interesting art (graffiti) and might see young, naked folks jumping off the rock cliffs. Hmmmm . . . . .


The graffiti/art was fun to see and read with our binoculars, and we were the only people and boat in there at all, so we missed the cliff jumpers. But it was a nice side trip in a day when we otherwise slept in, shared meal-making, caught up on news of people we, Mary and Agnes know in common, discussed politics, books and weather, and relaxed.


Agnes and Mary, neither of whom has traveled by this kind of boat previously, were great guests; easy, helpful, interested in everything about boat life and travel, and cheerful. We were delighted to see them again and amazed they were willing to travel from Milwaukee to Kentucky to make this happen!


So we returned to Green Turtle Bay marina mid-day Friday, the four of us had lunch together, and Agnes and Mary drove north. We did laundry (ho hum), took our “requisite” nap, Bob washed the boat decks, Cathryn re-made the beds in preparation for our next guests, and we caught up on email and news, eating leftovers for dinner. We had an invitation to join 11 other Loopers for dinner at “Patti’s” where we ate last Friday, but we needed some time to get things done, and had already been there, so declined.

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