Friday, September 14, 2012

A Day of Rest

After 4 wildly busy days in Chicago and 9 wild days on the rivers, it felt great to “take the day off” Thursday, not traveling, just doing routine boat chores, laundry, etc. We slept like logs our first night here at Green Turtle Bay, and watched more boats come in, each with exhausted-looking crew after finishing those rivers. One friend described all us boaters as “looking like something the cat dragged in” on arrival, and that’s how we felt too.

Green Turtle Bay marina is on Barkley Lake, the one on the right in the photo below, and is a dammed-up continuation of the Cumberland River. Kentucky Lake is on the left in the photo below and is a dammed-up continuation of the Tennessee River. The space between Barkley and Kentucky Lakes is (not very originally) named Land Between The Lakes.  We hear both lakes have many gorgeous anchorages, and we look forward to exploring them next week after we leave here Sunday morning.

photo (1)

Last night felt much like a high school reunion, only way better! Craig and Barbara on Blue Heron, Alan and Peggy on Muriel June, and Jerry and Janet on Wind Song were all here before we arrived, and we hadn’t seen the latter two in a long, long time. Gary and Christelle on Time and Tide pulled in Thursday afternoon, as well as Steve and Nancy on Kathryn, both boats we’ve traveled with recently.

5:00 found thirteen of us sharing cocktail hour at the gazebo here at Green Turtle Bay . . . .


. . . and moving on to have dinner together at the on-site yacht club where transient boaters like us are allowed to dine while at the marina.


Green Turtle Bay is located in a dry county, something we’re told we’ll run into not infrequently while traveling through the rest of the South back to Mobile, AL. So we each brought our own bottle of wine to dinner and the waitress served it to us. The yacht club has “lockers” for each yacht club member, where stashes of booze are kept. Weird throw-back to Prohibition days, but whatever! They didn’t charge us a corkage fee, so no complaints on our part.


We plan to stay here two more days and enjoy some down time.

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