Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Minor Hazards of Boating and Other Topics

Days on cruise:  186

Distance traveled:  21.3 miles

Travel time:2 hrs, 50 minutes

Total trip odometer:4,114 statute miles

Who can identify the object  below? If you guessed “a remote for something”, you’re right!  It’s the remote for our Autopilot (which lots of boaters refer to as Otto, for those who like to name components of their boats). Cathryn does something more than 50% of the driving on our boat, mostly because Bob is often busy with maintenance tasks while we’re underway (things Cathryn may or may not know how to do). And she mostly drives on Autopilot, which eliminates  the need to sit forward and steer with the steering wheel, but still requires regular adjustments to compass headings by pushing the buttons, which move the boat 1 or 10 degrees to starboard (green) or port (red). The occupational hazard is that she’s developed a mild case of tendinitis in her right forearm from punching the buttons so frequently! So last week she switched to using her left hand instead of right, and the tendinitis is 75% cured. Who knew this risk??? Not us!


Today we left our pretty anchorage at Double Island, and an hour later we had traveled almost 10 miles but were only one mile by land from where we started. See why below. Rivers insist on having their way.


The Tennessee River shoreline remained largely uninhabited, lined with limestone cliffs interspersed with lots of trees, and pretty. It was mostly cloudy today, with lows in the 50s, highs about 80.


Tiny islands of rock and trees or bushes dot the way.


Cows were drinking river water or lounging on the higher shores nearby.


We only passed 3 or 4 barges, and most were smaller and in wide portions of the river where passing was no problem.


This is an easy stretch, and we were relaxed.


The river remained wide most of the morning, with the current against us running about 1 knot, sometimes less.


Sunset in tonight’s pretty anchorage at  Swallow Bluffs is quiet and pretty, and the cicadas are noisy now that it’s dark.


We spent the afternoon online making airline reservations to go home for the holidays, as well as appointments with our eye doctor, dentist, dermatologist and cardiologist. Sheesh, sounds like fun, huh?

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Merwin said...

Nice progress. 21 miles is a comfortable day. You will be near the Shilo Civil War battlefield soon at Savanah. That would be an interesting stop.