Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Joliet Caravan, and the “kids” go home

Days on cruise:  165

Distance traveled:  13.8 miles

Travel time:  1 hr, 49 minutes

Total trip odometer:  3,311 statute miles

After a quiet night on the Joliet Town Wall, five of the seven Loop boats headed south together so we could all make the same bridge opening and go through the lock just around the corner together. Rickshaw, Last Resort, Toucan and Paddy Wagon all planned to go further down the river today, so we took up the rear.


It was quite the parade for the mile-long journey. All five boats were in the 42-50 foot range with sundeck models.


Quite an assortment of boats lined the travel path.


Blue Heron and White Heron were seemingly everywhere!


Click on the photo below to read this hilarious sign! We haven’t yet had the pleasure of this experience, but understand it’s inevitable that we will: flying carp!


Back in May when we had daughter and son-in-law Mackenzie and Matt on board for a week, Cathryn’s father made a joke about our letting them be slackers who only worked on their laptops while aboard (doing their day jobs)instead of making them swab decks and clean the heads. So when Justin offered to wash down the boat on our arrival at Harborside Marina, Bob took him up on the offer and Adrienne joined in. What a treat for Bob, as it was 90+ outside, both temperature and humidity!


At 3:30 Connie (a local informal taxi lady) arrived to transport Adrienne and Justin to O’Hare to catch their flight back home to Denver. We said our good-byes and were sad to see our easy-going, helpful, cheerful guests leave. So on down the rivers we go!

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