Thursday, September 20, 2012

Kentucky Lake Cruising With Friends

Days on cruise: 180

Distance traveled:  23.1

Travel time:  3 hrs, 2 mins

Total trip odometer:  3,952 statute miles

We remained in our pretty anchorage at Sugar Bay all day Tuesday, waiting out the high wind which didn't bother us at all. We had plenty of business matters to keep us busy, and a bit of boat cleaning in anticipation of arriving guests.
Wednesday morning we pulled the anchor and drove back to Green Turtle Bay marina where we plugged into shoreside power to get everything fully re-charged after three nights on the hook, did some laundry, and had a brief afternoon visit with Looper friends Henning, Joanne and Erik from sailboat Flying Free.

At 5:00 Seattle friends Mary and Agnes arrived by car to join us on the boat for two nights. Back in our working days, Mary was Cathryn's boss for a few years, while Agnes was one of Bob's department directors. We've been friends for many years and kept in touch since retirement.
Their visit almost didn't happen because we moved south from Chicago so much faster after canceling our 10-day trip to Seattle and Houston to visit home and family. They'd bought tickets to fly into Milwaukee and planned to rent a car to meet us somewhere south of Chicago. Instead we're in Kentucky!  "No problem!" said Mary and Agnes, and drove the extra distance to join us anyway. What troopers, yes?

So at 5:15 we cast off our dock lines and headed to Pisgah Bay on Kentucky Lake to introduce them to nights on the hook. They re-stocked our beer supply on their way to meet us, helped prepare dinner, and we all sat up late into the night visiting and catching up. Cathryn and Mary lay on the bow of the boat for half an hour looking at stars and the Milky Way.

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