Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Day of Relaxation and Eating

Distance traveled:  18.0 miles

Total trip odometer:  3,915 statute miles

We had another reunion today. Back in Norfolk, Virginia last May while  attending a Great Loop Rendezvous, we met Jack and Sara. The Rendezvous is a combination social and seminar gathering for Loopers currently underway on their journey, and Looper Wannabes planning to begin their Loop in the future. Sara and Jack plan to begin their Loop in 2014. We clicked with them when we met, and have kept in touch since. They live 2 hours (by car) from Green Turtle Bay in southwest Indiana, so got in touch when they saw on our blog that we were getting close.
Yesterday at noon Jack and Sara arrived on our boat with a pile of groceries and wine, having offered to pick things up for us, knowing we’re without a car and in a dry county. How nice is that?
We sat on the sundeck to visit, had lunch on the boat, then slipped our lines and went for a spin on Barkley Lake just for fun. It was beautiful, and a little cool and breezy, conditions we haven’t seen in a while.
Late in the day the four of us went to Patti’s for dinner, a place whose reputation precedes it, known for its’ good food (including 2-inch tender pork chops and gigantic desserts), and a fun, interesting atmosphere.
Our waiter rattled off all 18 types of pie available for dessert, in great detail, and so fast it made our heads swim.
Jack and Bob had chocolate-pecan pie, Cathryn had chess pie, and Sara had coconut meringue pie: check out the size of that meringue!
The unusual restaurant decorations even include one of the upstairs restrooms. Check it out below!
We were having such fun together we returned to the boat and had a glass of wine on the sundeck (remember, dry county, so no wine with dinner) before Jack and Sara finally loaded up their car to make the 2-hour drive back home. We can’t believe how many great people we’ve met on this journey, and we’ll happily see Jack and Sara again next month in Rogersville, Alabama at the Fall Rendezvous.

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Jan said...

Thinking of you both (constantly). I'm curious, how do you get your daily exercise in? hugs. Jan