Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall Comes to the Tennessee River

Days on cruise: 185

Distance traveled: 54.0 miles

Travel time: 6 hrs, 45 mins

Total trip odometer:  4,093 statute miles

We got a slightly late start this morning due to fog and using the marina’s courtesy car to run an errand. But the marina handed out egg-sausage-on-a-southern-buttermilk-biscuit for free, so that was a delicious way to start the day, if not entirely healthy!

There are lots of bird nests and birds along the Tennessee River.


Flocks of white pelicans continue to interest us as we didn’t know such a thing existed, having seen only brown pelicans previously.


In addition to the early tinge of Fall colors on the trees, Fall brings flyovers of flocks of birds. Lately temps have been in the low-mid 40s in the mornings, 70s or still low 80s in the afternoons, and chilly in the evenings after the sun goes down. Fall is definitely upon us. Bob longs for summer still, while Cathryn enjoys the cooler weather.


After several days of rural territory with no homes, we’re seeing river residential development again. They’re all built with a dispensable lower level in case of flooding, and have the appearance of “second home”, not a primary home. Levees often guard against flooding.


Old lift bridges are still seen along the way.


The shoreline here is littered with outcroppings of pretty limestone.


Elevation continues to be in the 200-300 foot range, rarely higher, but heavily treed with deciduous trees.


We only passed three tows pushing barges today, but saw loads and loads of houseboats, which are a common form of housing and boating on this river, in addition to small fishing skiffs and go-fast boats like Sea Rays.


We remain relaxed and happy, enjoying this segment and the peace and quiet of a pretty river.

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Ocean Breeze said...

Oh yes, Dahl House! We met them while we were in the Kentucky Lakes area. A very sweet couple. They built that house boat from the keel up. It is beautiful, inside and out.