Sunday, September 2, 2012

Chicago: Days 3 and 4

Days on cruise:  163

Our daughter Adrienne and her fiancée Justin have long been scheduled to fly from Denver where they live to meet us in Chicago Friday night. Justin’s parents live in Ohio, a 6-hour drive from Chicago, and drove up Friday to see the kids and meet us for the first time.


Jeff and Denise arrived Friday afternoon, so we had time for a great getting-t0-know-you visit and dinner on our sundeck before Bob and Jeff headed to their respective staterooms on the boat to go to bed, and Denise and Cathryn left for O’Hare at 10pm to pick up Adrienne and Justin.

It’s wonderful to have them all here with us, though we’re not sure Adrienne and Justin got much sleep on their less-comfortable-than-a-bed accommodations on the dinette made into a bed. Ah youth, they survived! And the next day Jeff and Denise moved to a hotel for the last two nights, so  the kids moved into the bunk room.


The weather stayed hot and muggy, and unfortunately so cloudy that the photos aren’t as great. Bob lost a bunch of photos he took over the last two days due to an SD card failure, so about half the ones below are Adrienne’s.

We spent Saturday afternoon at the Field Museum of Natural History.


“Sue” is the largest complete Tyrannosaurus skeleton in the world, and at 42 feet is the same size as Next To Me.

Looking up from the downtown streets.


Bob and Adrienne are reflected in The Cloud Gate, AKA “The Bean” as they take pix, having gone on an early morning walk there to beat the crowds.


We spent Sunday afternoon at the Shedd Aquarium, a fabulous place with an astonishing “Jellies” exhibit.


Adrienne and Justin at the aquarium.


Millennium Park has an amusing water feature and fountain which shows faces that spit water out of their mouths! Adrienne enjoyed running through the water with the rest of the kids.


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