Thursday, February 17, 2011

Park and Martha’s Last Day With Us


Like Anne and Eric the week before, Martha and Park spent their last full day in Los Barriles at the very lovely Palmas de Cortez a mile down the beach from us, reading books, hanging by the pool, taking a siesta and enjoying the many amenities offered by the hotel and Baja (should we take a hint that we drag our guests around doing too many activities and not allowing enough time for relaxation???).


We stayed home and went kayaking in the morning.  About noon we were back at our campsite when Doug came by and told us fishermen announced they’d seen a humpback whale and calf heading south toward us. We spent half an hour on the beach watching them go by, the calf tail-slapping regularly, about 500 feet off shore.


Park and Martha came to our campsite for a last evening of shrimp fajitas, Mexican rice and margaritas with the two of us as well as Jill and Doug, who brought a salad and fabulous hand-made Mexican chocolates for dessert. Bob kept the music to an acceptable level (need to pay attention to this as nearby campers may not like it), and the moon was almost, but not quite, full.  It made for a fun evening. As usual, we were in bed before 10pm.


And this morning we met Park and Martha at “Caleb’s”
up on the hill for breakfast, then said our good-byes.  They’ve left to spend two nights in La Paz, one in Todos Santos, then off to the airport to head back to home and work.


Having spent most of the last 10 days playing with U.S. visitors, we’re now seriously behind in our general chores.  So today we’ll clean “house”, do laundry and go to the dentist to get our teeth cleaned!


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