Friday, February 18, 2011



Our dear friend Hobie has long and repeatedly advised us not to make PLANS, or at least if we must, to cast them in jello, suggesting they’re much subject to change. We’re getting better and better at that jello thing as time passes.


As those of you have kept up with our activities know, we almost never stay anywhere more than a week or 10 days without moving on to the next destination. We’ve now been in Los Barriles almost 2 weeks, and had visitors from the U.S. most of that time.  We had planned to leave for other destinations around the South Cape (tip of the Baja peninsula) when friends Park and Martha left yesterday.  We added another day for laundry and dentist appointments, then a day to accept an invitation from Doug and Jill to go out on their Zodiac boat this morning (which at the last minute didn’t happen because of an equipment failure), and next thing we know, we’re making plans for lots of interesting day-trips with Doug and Jill to places we’ve not been before!


Despite having spent 6 weeks in Los Barriles a year ago, we didn’t get to explore everything there is to do in the South Cape.  So . . . . it begins to appear we’ll remain in Los Barriles possibly as long as another week!  But, stay tuned, as our plans are cast in jello!

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