Sunday, February 6, 2011

Living in an Aviary


We woke this morning to a cacophony of bird noise! This place is inhabited by hordes and hordes of birds, most of whom we sadly failed to identify, but which include many, many hummingbirds. It was 30 degrees at 6am (and 48 degrees inside the trailer, as we left an outdoor storage hatch open all night, allowing cold air to enter beneath our sofa).  But the sun rose, the sky was blue, the birds were happy, and so were we. There was no wind, and by 10am the temperature broke 60.


So off we went on a hike up the dirt road above the campground into the hills.  We covered about 4 miles, cresting a hill and stopping for lunch on a large, smooth rock in the shade. There was nothing terribly unique about the walk, but it was mighty peaceful and pleasant.


Afternoon found us back in our campsite (68 degrees) reading books, napping, and hanging sections of oranges in the adjacent trees to feed the birds. It was hilarious watching the larger birds taunt the smaller ones in a race to peck at the sweet juice from the oranges!


We’ve enjoyed our quiet time here, a change from crowds of friends at the beach, and are ready to move on to Los Barriles tomorrow.

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