Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Back in the Groove at Los Barriles


Part of our Baja history in past winters is that we start our day in our pajamas in our Lafuma chairs on the beach with a cup of coffee, watching the sun rise.  That’ only happened a couple times so far on this trip for various reasons. Today, for the second time since we arrived in Los Barriles, that’s how we started our day. It was gorgeous, and the truly weird thing is that, completely unexpectedly, Cathryn saw the famous “Green Flash” when the sun broke the horizon. We’ve always heard this described as a sunSET phenomenon, and we’ve never seen it before, but it was, without question, a definitive Green Flash that lasted only a second or two, then disappeared.


Cathryn’s sister and brother-in-law, Anne and Eric from Houston, flew into town yesterday and are staying at Palmas de Cortez, a wonderful hotel on the beach in downtown Los
Barriles, only 1.6 miles from where we’re camped. We picked them up this morning and drove up the Buenos Aires arroyo (see HERE here from last year’s day here) for a stop at the waterfall, followed by a walk up the spectacular granite canyon to a picnic spot on the gigantic granite boulders by the stream bed.


It was mostly sunny and 77 degrees, a nice respite from the 40-ish cold weather Anne and Eric left behind at home.  We clambered over huge boulders and teased Anne about our taking her “mountain climbing and cliff rapelling”.


Afterwards we returned to Playa Norte where we’re camped and gave Anne and Eric a tour of our 5th wheel trailer and the campground facilities, enjoyed a margarita and some pistachios while visiting, then took them back to their hotel.  We’re thrilled to have visitors from the U.S. and are enjoying being back in Los Barriles where we spent so much time last winter.

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tCL said...

SO jealous. The green flash has been something I've long desired to see. I spent six months sailing once a week at sunset off Oahu and never saw it. I guess I should be encouraged by the fact it may just appear when I am not looking for it, as it did for you.