Saturday, February 26, 2011

El Cardonal and a Hike in the Hills


We set off to take a hike recommended by Jill and Doug but ended up at the wrong trailhead so did a different one instead. It was shorter and steeper than the intended hike, but the weather was perfect and the views lovely, so we enjoyed it. 


Next we continued north on the Governor’s Highway, a very weird road (see link HERE for further detail in last year’s description) that took us to El Cardonal, a tiny village 18 miles north of Los Barriles by the highway (or 12 miles by the coast road).  We turned south along the coast, a bumpy dirt road that eventually arrives at a small private air strip, and the tiny village of Punta Pescadero, mostly made up of one almost-empty resort and several dozen large, fancy gringo houses strung along the shoreline. 


We stopped for a picnic lunch on the beach, then headed back to Los Barriles, happy to have left behind yet another bumpy dirt road! Our appreciation for pavement grows as we spend more time in Mexico.

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