Thursday, February 24, 2011

Exploring the South East Cape


When you hear folks talk about going to “Cabo” on vacation, do you know that’s the spanish word for “Cape”? The town we’re in, Los Barriles, is on the East Cape, near the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula, but on the east side of the lower cape, a couple hours north of Cabo San Lucas, on the Sea of Cortez rather than the Pacific Ocean side of the peninsula.


Today  we drove to Cabo San Lucas with Jill and Doug to shop at our favorite place for home accessories. “Artesanos”  offers pottery, baskets, pewter, glass, metal art, candles, woven tablecloths, placemats and lots more. 


We spent an hour making our selections, then headed north to drive the 40-mile dirt road from San Jose del Cabo to La Ribera on the eastern shore back to Los Barriles.

We averaged 15mph for the whole trip, stopped to let Doug and Jill’s dog have a run while the 4 of us sat on the beach and had a beer, and stopped for at least an hour along the way to view the HUNDREDS of whales in the waters offshore.



It was sunny and warm and spectacular, with mile after mile of beautiful, empty white sand beaches. We wish we’d had more time to meander instead of feeling rushed by impending darkness and are so glad we made this trip.


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