Sunday, February 27, 2011

Headed Northbound

Today we loaded the kayak back on top of the Arctic Fox 5th wheel trailer, packed up our patio mat, outdoor chairs and other camping gear, and headed north. Though we’d only planned to spend 10 days in Los Barriles, we ended up staying 20, so perhaps Hobie can be proud of our progress in casting our plans in jello instead of concrete. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed seeing and participating in several new activities the area offers.

Though we’re on our way back to Playa Juncalito south of Loreto, we only made it to Ciudad Constitucion a couple hours short of there today, so are camped at Misiones RV Park for one night. We’ll finish the trip to Juncalito tomorrow. But turning north reminds us we’re a bit more than halfway through our 3 1/2 months planned journey, and while we’re not quite halfway in terms of mileage (because we’re making a deviation through Colorado “on our way” home), we’re close. Time flies when you’re having fun, and WE ARE!

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