Friday, January 29, 2010

Weird Birds

Every morning while we’re drinking coffee we observe a weird little bird who alternatively sits in front of our truck’s mirror pecking at it or else bashing into it, as if attempting to fly through it. The bird does this for about half an hour, then apparently is satisfied with its level of self-flagellation and leaves for other places. Anyone care to offer a bird ID?

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Lynn said...

It is a northern cardinal (female). Looked just like one, but I double checked my bird book to make sure they lived in Baja. Seems odd as they don't come to west coast of US but they come to Southern --not northern-- Baja and central Mexico. Behavior just like a cardinal too -- pecking at windows & mirrors is a classic cardinal behavior. (trying to chase off competitors.) we have a picture just like that that we took on a camping trip to Ark with mom & dad in prox 1980. lynn