Sunday, January 24, 2010

Governor’s Highway

We continued our local explorations today taking a loop trip to the village of El Cardonal north of Los Barriles. Each leg, north and south, was about 25 kilometers. The story we’ve heard is that Governor’s Highway got its name as a result of being constructed for the then-State Governor who planned to build a house at El Cardonal. The result: a twenty five mile paved road that winds up the coast to this small village. The road winds north sometimes within sight of the coast and sometimes a couple of miles inland. As with many Mexican roads, the level of ambition is high, with lots of cuts and fills, but the level of engineering is low. Stabilizing the slopes doesn’t happen, and the drainage systems are nonexistent. You can see the results in the photos! We gather the Governor who had the road built is no longer in office and the road will probably revert to a dirt track over time.

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