Friday, January 22, 2010

Todays Plan, Security in Mexico

Today’s Plan

Seven of us are driving over to Todos Santos on the Pacific Ocean side of the peninsula,then up into the Sierra de Laguna Mountains. We’ll pick up a “guide” then visit a rancho in a village up in the mountains where the women make pottery and provide other food items for sale. Our payment for this “tour” is to deliver some clothes purchased in Los Barriles at a garage sale last Sunday, food for the families and candy for the kids. It should be interesting. We’ll post details and photos Saturday. Look for SPOT messages on the sidebar if you’re interested; we’ll try to send them from each location in the mountains.

Security in Mexico

For those of you who worry about security in Mexico, we should tell you about something we see on a daily basis. The house we’re renting is the next-to-last house on a dead end road about ½ mile up the hill from the “main road”. The local policia drive by here at least twice each day, go to the end of the road, and turn around. Each time they pass they honk their horn and wave to let us know they’re there. Once, early on in our visit, they stopped by to give us the police phone numbers for emergencies. We’re told that at some point they’ll stop to ask for a donation to the local police “benevolent fund”, which we’ll probably make to ensure continued good service.

Thursday when we were in San Jose del Cabo, we stopped at Sorianos, sort of the local equivalent of Fred Meyers or Target, for a few items. The photo above shows their parking lot security. Probably something that shopping centers at home would consider if the wage rates were similar to those in Mexico.

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