Sunday, January 24, 2010

El Cardonal to Los Barriles via Punta Pescadero

We returned from El Cardonal on the coast road. This is a dirt track that hugs the coast the whole way, providing beautiful vistas of white sand, then rocky, then cliff-side beaches for the full 25 kilometers. We stopped for a beach walk in El Cardonal where we saw large mansions of 4,000-10,000 square feet along the beach, while across the street were Mexican homes with cattle, goats and horses. We continued down the road until we got to Punta Pescadero where there’s a paved runway and more huge houses for people who fly in. Further down the road we stopped for a picnic lunch, a short snooze and some reading on the beach near where we went fishing with Jim last November.

The weather has been in the mid 70s for the last two days, but the wind has been strong, at least 20-25 MPH, so we had to bundle up a little when we were at the beach.

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