Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mechanics of Life: Baja Season Two

Our experience yesterday reminded us of this regular Blog Heading from last year’s trip. Those of you who followed us during last winter’s Baja journey in our 12-foot Chalet A-frame trailer got regular blog updates regarding how we managed the day-to-day details of RV-ing in Baja. You haven’t been subjected to that this year for a couple of reasons: one, because we suspect you really don’t care much, and two, because figuring out those details is so much easier this year so we don’t find it as interesting or consuming. The change is partially a result of our becoming more experienced RVers, though Bob won’t feel he is an old hand until he can back the 5th wheel into a tight spot without multiple attempts. Contributing equally to our reduced emphasis on the mechanics of life is that our Arctic Fox 5th wheel just plain makes it easier. We have a bathroom and shower whenever we need it. The refrigerator and freezer are large enough to hold a week’s worth of food – even our beer. The bed is queen-size and comfortable, and our dining/living area is large enough to be comfortable during evenings we “stay in”. The Chalet was fun and a great way to try RVing in a low cost/low risk way, but for us, the Fox is like Mama Bear’s porridge – just right!

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