Monday, January 18, 2010

Hitch Itch

We've got a bit of a case of hitch itch - the RV'ers term for the travel bug, so: We’re leaving Los Barriles to go about 30 miles down the Sea of Cortez coastline for a couple of days. We’ll take the 5th wheel and camp on the beach,  so we probably won’t have email or be able to update our blog until Wednesday night when we get back. If you’re curious where we’ll be, you can check our SPOT location by using the tool in the sidebar to the right. Our destination is Cabo Pulmo, a national park noted for containing one of the few coral reefs on the Pacific coast. The water is shallow, no more than 35 feet, so the plan is to use our snorkel gear and perhaps rent kayaks. We’ll report on what we see when we get back.

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