Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Great Debate

We found the San Bartolo Waterfall today. We had put off this expedition because, based on an earlier review which indicated there was a lot of trash there, we had low expectations. Once we got there however, we decided a “cleaning crew” must have come through as it was almost completely pristine. Cathryn subsequently ranked it as #1 on our list of local waterfalls. She ranks the Buenos Aires waterfall as #2 and Santiago #3. Bob would accept a #2 two ranking for San Bartolo, but ranks Santiago #1. This may remain one of the great unresolved issues of our time in Baja. So we enjoyed our journey, and obviously we can’t find much to argue about these days other than ranking waterfalls.

San Bartolo is 14 kilometers up the arroyo that our house overlooks. The “road” up the arroyo is a sandy track that follows the dry riverbed, a bit bumpy but easy enough if taken slowly. We also went up to the Buenos Aires waterfall today, a site we first visited in November, just to make sure we can find it. We intend to take Lynn and David there when they come to visit next week. Maybe we’ll make them vote in the great waterfall debate.

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