Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Marathon Dinghy Trip

Days on cruise:  291

Much of today was spent on cleaning and maintenance, but by mid-afternoon we were itching to get off the boat and go exploring, so we dropped the dinghy and took off. See our route in blue below, 8 miles round trip.

photo (30)

The first part of the journey took us through densely populated Boot Key Harbor where marinas, restaurants, bars and boat yards fill the water and shoreline.


The City of Marathon operates a Mooring Field with 226 mooring balls available. We stayed on one of these mooring balls for a week in February 2012, and wound our way through in the dinghy today. It was mostly full, mostly with sailboats.

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After cruising the Harbor shoreline, we headed toward the Caribbean  side of the Keys through the mangroves and larger private homes. It was quiet and pretty, and we stumbled on a good fishing location. Sadly, our camera battery died shortly after we began our explorations, so that’s it for photos.

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