Thursday, February 21, 2013

First Full Day: Key West

Days on cruise:  285

On our way to breakfast this morning Carolyn and Susan took us by the Marilyn Monroe statue. Chicago had a gigantic one of these, as did Sarasota (remember Bob peering up her dress in a photo two weeks ago?), but this is the first life-size one we’ve seen. Her legs are a little longer than Cathryn’s.


Breakfast was at a beautiful and popular spot, Blue Heaven, selected by Carolyn and Susan, but also recommended by friend and blog follower Merwin from Nashville.


Bob and Cathryn had lobster omelet, which was, as you’d expect if you like shellfish, to-die-for good! Carolyn and Susan have been here long enough to find all the good places.


This afternoon we went for a long walk all over town. There are so many boats anchored out nearby that the dinghy dock is over-flowing, and owners pay $6.00/day or $80/month for use of the dinghy dock.


We wandered into the Turtle Museum where Cathryn picked up a tiny piece, a blown sea glass shell, and the guy on duty picked up his guitar and started singing a made-up-on-the-spot song to her about living on a boat. (LINK to one of his songs that he sang to another woman. We think he likes to hit on women?)


There are zillions of ENORMOUS boats here that make Next To Me look like a yacht’s tender.


Boats are coming in and out of the harbor all the time.


Flowers are in bloom everywhere. Bougainvillea of course, but lots of other more exotic looking varieties too.


Note the top of a cruise ship peeking above the tower in Mallory Square.


The thing we love about Key West besides the winter weather is that it’s relaxed and comfortable, while also eccentric and stylish, in a manner like no other city. It’s an original.


There are so many gorgeous homes with stunning gardens that it’s hard to know when to stop taking photos.


But there’s no grass. Which makes a lot of sense in a place where the yards are small and water is not plentiful. But where do all the dogs do their business?

Late in the afternoon we had a knock on the hull, and there stood Dave and Sue from Georgian Bay in Canada, along with John and Pat. We hadn’t seen them in 8 months and didn’t know they were here, so were pleasantly surprised! John and Pat own a winter home near Tampa, and Dave and Sue are here to visit. They came on board for an hour’s visit, and it was great to see them again (sadly, none of the photos turned out well – bad afternoon light on the sundeck).

The day ended with a delicious dinner with Carolyn and Susan at Solo where we had wine and appetizers for dinner at Happy Hour prices. We’re enjoying the city and catching up with Sojourner’s crew.

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Ocean Breeze said...

Ahhhh...KW, our favorite spot on earth as well! Re: dog duties, the cemetery USED to be the spot however it got so bad, dogs are banned from the cememtery (where the grass is REALLY green now ;-). There are some small patches here and there...and be careful walking on the sidewalks down quiet streets. Not everyone is good about picking up after Phydeaux. Hint: the appetizers at Dante's come down from the 5 star restaurant above it. The Ahi Tuna appetizer is AMAZING.