Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bright Shiny Prop

Days on cruise:  283

This afternoon Jamie brought our shiny, un-bent prop back to the boat and re-installed it. He’d already attached the inner tube to it (to make it lighter under the boat) before we got a chance to photograph it in all its’ glory.


Conversations with two long-term cruisers today confirmed  they thought “if all 4 props are bent, so they’re still in balance, there will be no vibration” theory made sense to them. They’d never experienced it, but agreed only out-of-balance props will vibrate, and they vibrate badly, making the whole boat shake violently. Ours hasn’t done that . We can’t come up with any other explanation, so until someone offers us one, that remains our theory.

Tomorrow: headed south! The last two weeks have been extraordinarily cold and windy for south Florida, and it looks like the whole next week will be very windy as well. But tomorrow is forecast to be a calm aberration to that pattern, so we may skip a couple of planned stops at the Rod and Gunand head straight for the Keys. Stay tuned.

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