Friday, February 22, 2013

Still at Key West

Days on cruise:  286

The cold days of the Florida panhandle in January and the west coast of Florida in February are behind us! Here in Key West, it’s topped 80 degrees every day, and even night-time temps don’t go below 70. Our first manatee sighting this year occurred right in the marina near our boat.


We went for a jog this morning and were reminded that heat and humidity are not good companions while jogging. Even though we left the boat at 7am, it was WAY too hot and humid, especially for Cathryn who doesn’t tolerate heat well.


Carolyn and Susan on Sojourner had Looper friends from “Shirley Ruth” , a 42’ Grand Banks , arrive for the day  and invited us to join them. We haven’t met the crew of Shirley Ruth before, but they’re David, who is doing the Loop mostly with his friend Howard, and Shirley (couple on the left above), who still works and travels in international consulting out of New Jersey so is not on the Loop. David and Shirley arrived along with Shirley’s sister and another friend. So the eight of us walked the streets of Key West, mostly Duval Street, people watching and window shopping and occasionally buying something. It was lively and busy and fun.


At 5:30 we got a table at Sunset Pier near Mallory Square to watch the sunset. (Note to Merwin: you’ll be happy to know we finally ordered a Rum Runner: delicious drink!) The sunset was very different from two days ago, except still no Green Flash. But the moon is nearing full, and that was pretty too.


Life in Key West is exhilarating!

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