Friday, February 8, 2013

Good To Go! Woo Hoo!

Days on cruise:  272

Next To Me is ready to go!  We have a new high tech battery charger, and a new combined start/house starboard 8D engine battery. Doug from Felix Marine did a great job installing both this afternoon.


He called at 11:30 and told us he’d be there by noon. He was right on time and immediately got to work installing the new battery charger. 8D batteries are monsters. They vary in weight, but all our research says they all weigh well more than 100 pounds. Not that we put ours on our bathroom scale.


Joe showed up to help Doug load the new battery, and they both exerted a great deal of energy getting it off the dock into our engine room, not to mention removing the old one. Bob was pleased to have two strong young backs on hand.

At the end of the second hour Doug packed up and said goodbye. Overall a very good experience with Felix Marine here in Ft Myers.


Look:  the new charger has LED gauges showing the number of amps being fed into each of  the batteries during charging, as well as amps drawn during discharge.  Bob’s excited to be able to see this data to learn what each of our typical uses draw, even if it is late in the trip. What geeks we’ve become!

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