Sunday, February 17, 2013

“Old” Folks Being Silly In Goodland, FL

Days on cruise:  281

To our children: don’t read this post! It’s better if you don’t have to imagine your parents participating in this, or worse, to imagine that you might do something similar when you’re our age!


When we checked into the marina Thursday and inquired what there is to do here, and where to eat and drink, we were given a run-down of an admittedly short list. When it came to “Stan’s” they said, “Only go there on Sunday.”  Our blog readers Randy and Pam posted a comment urging us to go there. We now know why. Thank you!


There were many hundreds of people at this outdoor restaurant and live music venue.  Bob, at 65, was in the middle of the pack in terms of age, or maybe a bit on the young side.  The music ranged from Rolling Stones to Alan Jackson with some Jimmy Buffet thrown in. Food and drink stands were on the outer edge.


People come from all over southern Florida to participate in the traditional (for 29 years) Sunday festivities at Stan’s. We’re not sure what “10 Cane” is, but at the drink stands it was on offer mixed with 7-Up, Pepsi, or lemonade.


We arrived about 1:30 pm,  and it was clear many of those in attendance had been imbibing for some time. Everyone was having a blast, with smiles and laughter everywhere. It was clear no one was taking themselves seriously, and we like that attitude.


Motorcycles and Harley attire were prevalent.


It’s always fun to imagine what people’s self-images are in their “mature” years.


If you can’t have fun, why come?


The “man in white” was having quite the time dancing and hitting on the “younger” women.


Visors with short spiky-hair wigs were also very popular, some in nicely matching grey.


And the apparently famous “Buzzard Lope” dance, which involves a song about driving down the highway and spotting buzzards;  the women who volunteer to come up on stage (only women, mind you) then dance around with their hands in their armpits and flapping their “wings”, then eventually lie on their backs and flap their legs in the air. This is a new one for us, but the crowd (and we) loved it because it was so hilarious and unpretentious!


For those over 50, or those who can at least get over their youth bias, Stan’s in Goodland is worth the trip on a Sunday. For those of you on the Left Coast of the United States, the next best, similar thing is the Desert Bar near the Parker Strip in Arizona, which we visited in March of 2011.

We’re glad we made the stop in Goodland. And the weather looks like it might keep us here a bit longer, among other things, about which we’ll post tomorrow.

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Merwin said...

10 Cane is a rum from Trinidad. Good stuff