Monday, July 9, 2012

A Play Day

Days on cruise:  108

This place our new friends Dave and Sue from Orillia introduced us to, Wana Keta Bay at Beausoleil Island, is lovely, and a great jumping off spot for some dinghy exploring, so we decided to stay another day. We both slept in later than usual, Cathryn DID manage to get out of pajamas before noon, but not by multiple hours, and we relaxed.


Among other things, Cathryn was emailing back and forth with youngest daughter Adrienne who is engaged, living in Denver, and plans to get married at Bob’s sister’s home near us in the Seattle area next year. Wedding planning from afar is challenging no matter the circumstances, but in this case, since the bride is in Denver, the mother is currently in Canada, and the wedding site is near Seattle, there are unusual challenges.  But we’ll figure out how to get it all planned, and meanwhile we’re having fun in unusual ways.


This morning we took a hike on the trails through the island woods, but the mosquitoes were so numerous and bothersome, despite putting DEET on, that we turned back short of our planned destination, after only an hour. There are no mosquitoes at the dock, only in the woods.


After lunch we dropped the dinghy and went on a 7-mile exploratory trip through Little Dog Channel and Big Dog Channel, the latter of which we’d planned to travel yesterday in Next To Me, but by VHF radio Dave warned us off from taking that route. Today we understood why! While the depth may be sufficient, at one point the channel is SO very narrow that any wind or waves could easily blow you out of the channel and onto the rocks, only a couple of feet away.  We stopped at a marina store and bought one more chart, filled up the portable gas tanks for the dinghy, and headed back to Wana Keta a couple hours later.


Dinner consisted of shrimp and vegetable kabobs grilled by Bob on the barbecue grill on the transom – delicious!


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