Friday, July 20, 2012

More Looper Sightings!

Days on cruise:  119

Distance traveled today:  11.1 miles

Travel Time: 1 hr, 44 mins

Total Trip Odometer:  2,587 statute miles

Those who pay particular attention to all the details of our blog will note we traveled a bit today, but didn’t send a SPOT message to communicate our new location. That’s because we’re still in the same place we were last night, and the night before that! Or perhaps 200 feet away.


Early this morning we discovered, much to our surprise, that our black water tank (read: toilet waste tank) was full, despite having gotten a pump-out only 3 days ago. Normally we go about a week between pump-outs, unless we have lots of shore-side washroom facilities available, and then we go longer. So this was an unpleasant surprise. We’d planned for today to be another layover day. Our last pump-out must have been incomplete. What to do?


Above, almost every store in Killarney has its own dock.

Well, we pulled our anchor, drove back to Killarney, got a pump-out, bought some whole wheat bagels at the General Store and returned to Covered Portage Cove to anchor out again, all before noon.


One of the marinas in Killarney shows movies for all to watch!

Shortly after, a new boat pulled into the Cove, $20Bucks, a fellow Looper boat we’ve never met, but feel we know. We’ve been following Ken and Pat’s blog a long time (they’re only 6 weeks from completing their Loop), and they’ve traveled for the past 5 weeks with our friends Stephen and Charlotte on Jackets II, the very first Loopers we met back in Fort Pierce, Florida in January.


$20Bucks anchored nearby, and before long we’d arranged cocktails on our boat at 5:00 with them, as well as Gary and Christelle from Time and Tide, the folks we met yesterday.

About 3:00 we decided to take the hike up the trail to the top of the cliffs again, and we invited Ken and Pat to go with us. Ken had to go back to Killarney to take care of some business in his dinghy, but Pat was all for it, so we picked her up in our dinghy and made the trip up the hill again.


Above, Next To Me, at anchor.

It was another beautiful afternoon, and the 3 of us sat on the cliffs, exchanging stories and admiring the views for 45 minutes before descending.


At 5:00 Gary, Christelle, Ken and Pat arrived by dinghy, and the six of us chatted up a storm for 3 hours, getting to know each other’s stories, sharing local Looper intelligence and having a blast.


The days are beginning to get shorter, and now it’s dark  by 9:30 instead of 10.  While we’ve been here 3 nights already, we’ll probably stay one more. Our next anchorage is a very popular one, and if we wait one more night we would miss the weekend crowd. We’ll see what we decide in the morning after coffee.

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