Thursday, July 12, 2012

Gunkholing at Its’ Best

Days on cruise:  111
Last night was absolutely quiet and beautiful in this aptly named Snug Harbor anchorage. Daylight hours are so long  that we go to bed before dark and rise long after the sun does. Today was a layover/play day.
We dropped the dinghy and went off for some exploring through shallow coves and channels that Next To Me can’t navigate.
The nearby “place” called Snug Harbor, which doesn’t even qualify as a village, has a tiny marina, with less then 4’ of water leading into it, with about a dozen small boats docked, a tiny restaurant, and a small marine store, mostly stocked with grocery items and a few boat supplies. We bought two avocados.
Before returning to the boat we drove over to a small, rocky, uninhabited island almost to the open Georgian Bay and tied the dinghy’s bow line to a couple of rocks.
When we anchor out for many days in a row, as we’re doing now, we work hard to conserve water, so Cathryn brought along soap and shampoo and went for a swim to wash here instead of using the water on our boat. It seems like an environmentally unsound thing to do, until you recall that all of the water flowing out of our galley and bathroom sinks and shower goes directly overboard into the surrounding water anyway. Unlike on an RV, where all waste water is held in either a gray water holding tank (kitchen and bathroom sink) or black water holding tank (toilet), boats are equipped only with a holding tank for the toilet waste. 
Bob sprawled like a lizard on the rocks and dozed in the sun. Cathryn joined him to give her hair a chance to dry before heading back in the dinghy. What a great way to spend the afternoon!

Because we've had a strong cell signal all along the way, providing us with good internet, we were able to make Skype phone calls to Cathryn's parents, our son Ryan and daughter Adrienne from our anchorage at Snug Harbor. Mackenzie is in Africa this month or we'd have called her too.

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