Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Grey Day In the Benjamin Islands

Days on cruise:  124

Distance traveled:  15.4 miles

Travel time:  1 hr, 45 mins

Total trip odometer: 2,677 statute miles

We left Kagawong for another short trip, back across the North Channel to the northern shore. The forecast was for things to get dicey in the afternoon, so we hoped to beat the weather. We still saw 3-foot waves and wallowed on one tack as they were on the beam, but overall the trip was uneventful.

We’re anchored between North and South Benjamin Islands along with half a dozen sailboats and one other trawler. That one is a Looper, but one we’ve not met before. This afternoon the forecasted rain appeared on schedule, so we’re hanging out on the boat and  and aren’t going to drop our dinghy in the rain and go introduce ourselves to the neighbors. Perhaps tomorrow?

Unexpectedly considering how remote this location is, we have a 4G cell signal, so Cathryn was able to make phone calls on Skype to her parents and friends Jim and Phebe.


The terrain here looks a bit more like Georgian Bay, with lower lying rock islands and fewer trees, instead of the heavily treed higher cliffs that have predominated the North Channel so far.


Despite the rain and grey sky, it’s pretty here.


Are those seals in the photo below, or what?  Nope.  A family of four people plus a dog are on a nearby 42-foot sailboat, and late this afternoon they jumped in the water and swam to the adjacent sailboat 150 feet away. Wisely, all wore life vests. The kids are 8 and 12.


Bob grilled steaks and potatoes on the barbecue, in the rain, and Cathryn threw together a salad, making for a nice dinner on the sundeck.


The forecast high wind warning has not developed here so far, and we’re hopeful we’ll be able to drop the dinghy and go exploring tomorrow.

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Ocean Breeze said...

There are wonderful blueberries up on the top of those Benjamin Islands. We picked so many when we were there, our pancakes were more blueberry than cake ;-)

Paula Sue Russell
M/V Ocean Breeze