Monday, July 23, 2012

Baie Fine to Little Current

Days on cruise:  122
Distance traveled: 29.1 miles
Travel time: 3 hrs, 39 mins
Total Trip Odometer 2,642 statute miles
Last night in The Pool at Baie Fine was idyllic. We were the only boat in sight, and it was quiet and beautiful.  We saw a few herons and loons, turtles at a distance, and seagulls, Canada geese and cormorants of course. We sat on the sundeck reading our books until 9:45 when it got too dark to read and the mosquitoes came out.
This morning’s weather forecast sounded a bit ominous with a High Wind Warning for the afternoon, and possible Thunderstorms meanwhile, so we pulled anchor and headed to civilization, the town of Little Current.
This town is small, but is the last place to provision before another week on the North Channel, then re-entering the United States a week or so from now, so it’s a must stop. Besides, we wanted to do 3 big loads of laundry, fill our water tanks, and get one last pump-out before anchoring out for a week or more.
So now we’re tied up at the Town Dock Wall which has been mostly cleared of boats for its’ full length, as a Cruise Ship is expected in tomorrow morning at 7am. We CAN’T imagine why there is a cruise ship here. Where is the deep water? The places to stop? We’ll find out tomorrow morning.

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