Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bustard Island anchorage, day 2

Days on cruise:  116

The weather pattern here has been weird. Mornings are sunny, and pretty quickly hot. Mid-day it starts to cloud over and the afternoons are mid/high 70s, not hot, with a light breeze. And in the evening it sprinkles a little, but with brilliant sunbreaks through the clouds just to confuse things.

We spent much of today finishing our respective junk novels. Actually, in two days flat Bob finished reading a book about a young British woman who races sailboats professionally, and completed the solo-sailor Vendee Globe around-the-world-race at the age of 26, ten years ago. Cathryn read it previously and found it fascinating too.  NO, we do NOT plan to buy a sailboat next and sail around the world. The only discussion we’ve had about it is that we do NOT want to do it!

We did take time mid-day to go on another dinghy cruise, about 4 miles and disappointing in that the water was too shallow to get through a channel we’d identified that would allow us to circumnavigate Burnt Island nearby.  Oh well, it was pretty and enjoyable anyway.

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