Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Very “Un-photo” Day

Days on Cruise:  120

Guess what? We’re STILL at Covered Portage Cove, our fourth night. This place is so beautiful and quiet, the conditions are so benign, and the company good, that we now plan to leave Sunday morning, finally.

Saturday morning a 43’ DeFever from Florida pulled into the Cove, anchored next to us, and lo and behold, MORE Loopers! Almost enough to call it an AGLCA Rendezvous, with four boats now.

This time Gary and Christelle invited everyone for cocktails on their boat, all 8 of us, so at 5:00 three dinghies converged on their transom and Gary played Valet, hauling them around and tying them up for us.

Ken and Pat from $20Bucks arrive with a bottle and wine glasses in hand.


Anne and Jim on Wild Goose, and Christelle on Time and Tide are having a good time.


Gary on Time and Tide and Cathryn too!


The conversation ran the gamut from politics (only briefly as we had 4 and 4 on board) to boat engines, to “Fifty Shades of Gray” and thus further on the topic of sex (Cathryn hasn’t read it, but two of the women had), to strategies for staying safe on the upcoming waters of Lake Michigan, to next anchorages here in North Channel, to “Little Bunny Foo-Foo” singing, and how that fits with the whole Southern Belle training thing, which was a complete mystery to Christelle who grew up in South Africa, not the southern U.S.

Here is Wild Goose anchored next to us (sort of like next to me, but next to us)


And finally at 8:30 pm, Pat climbed onto the bow of $20Bucks and blew her conch, a Florida Keys sunset tradition that isn’t heard often in these northern waters. We liked it so much we asked her to do it again.


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