Monday, March 21, 2011

Where in the World are Bob and Cathryn?

We’ll give a few hints:  last night the wind blew so hard we woke in the middle of the night suspecting an earthquake.  Today it rained essentially all day, was gusty and windy, and the high was 53 degrees. Not a speck of blue sky, only gray.  Tonight’s forecast calls for a low of 40 degrees and more rain!


Those of you who know us probably guess we’re back home in Olalla, right??? Try again. We’re at White Tank Mountain Regional Park, a bit west of Phoenix, Arizona! We can’t believe it either, but those of you who feel we’ve smugly rubbed your poor frostbitten noses in our good fortune the last two months with constant reports of sunny days and temps in the 70s or 80s are probably not all that sympathetic over our current weather. The only silver linings come from the fact  that this year we do NOT have tickets to any Spring Training baseball games going on nearby, and while we sit inside our cozy trailer with the heater running, we peer out our window and see folks hunkered down in their tents.  So things could be tougher! IMG_0896

And we got an email from our now northbound Canadian Travel buddies Doug and Jill from whom we parted company yesterday morning, and they’ve just arrived in Ely, Nevada after driving through two snowstorms today.  Yuck!

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