Thursday, March 24, 2011

Back at Hobie’s house


For the fourth time in 3 years, we’re back at Hobie’s house west of Tucson. He’s our friend and neighbor who lives near us in Olalla half the year, and in a lovely casita at the Saguaro National Forest, on two acres lush in cactus the other half of the year.


We arrived just in time for dinner Tuesday night, and spent today doing laundry, eating good food, visiting, and making plans for future fun activities. The weather is mild (70s) and sunny, and we sat on Hobie’s deck for cocktail hour both evenings.  Tomorrow we head east again.


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Matt said...

I wish Mackenzie and I were there with you in AZ at Hobie's house. We had a great time with you 2 years ago!