Monday, March 28, 2011

Since We’re in the Neighborhood

We’re now on our way north to see our daughter Adrienne in Boulder, Colorado.  She graduates  from University of Colorado in May, so this is our graduation visit. She also has a new “interest” in her life who we’ve been hearing a lot about and want to investigate first hand.


Today we drove  to Albuquerque where Cathryn wanted to visit her friend Paula who she’s known since seventh grade.  We showed up at 3:00, talked for a couple hours, then went to a good restaurant for dinner part way up Sandia Mountain with a great view of the sunset and the city below.


After dinner Cathryn dropped Bob off at the fifth wheel and returned to Paula’s house so they could have some “girl talk” into the night without the constraints of a male presence or  snoring curmudgeon.

Today we’re exploring Albuquerque, then returning to Paula’s house for dinner with her, one of her sons and his fiancee.

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