Thursday, March 10, 2011

Really??? “Enough”, says Bob


Cathryn never thought the day would come when Bob would say “Enough”.  But it happened today as we sat on the beach at Playa Requeson drinking coffee in our pajamas and watching the sun rise.   As always, we discussed “What shall we do today?”  Though we’d already planned to leave Requeson and head north, in the spirit of plans cast in jello, not concrete, Cathryn inquired whether Bob was sure he was ready to depart.  He replied “After two months on various beaches, I think even I have had enough.”  WHAT??? Cathryn thought. She had no idea there was any such thing as “enough time on a beach” for Bob to be satiated and ready to move to non-beach locales.  Goes to show that even after almost 27 years together, there can still be surprises.

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tCL said...

Glad to hear even RKW has a limit. I think that is a sign of a sound mind.