Monday, March 7, 2011

Our Favorite Beach (?)


We keep saying that. But if physical beauty is your only criteria, Requeson, on the Bahia Concepcion, is our favorite beach:  a small white sand spit, which at low tide is connected to a small island edged by mangroves.


Today, like last year about this same time, we’ve lucked out and gotten a site at the end of the spit with good separation from other campers.  When we came through here in January, the place was full and so we passed it by.


When we arrived there was a moderate breeze, but it calmed  by 5pm.  We had a glass of wine on the beach, then cooked burgers outside and ate them gazing at the Sea of Cortez. All our Canadian travel buddies are elsewhere.


As the sun set, Bob built a fire and we spent a couple hours talking and just staring at the fire, then the embers. Could it get any better than this?

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